Nocturnal Lining and Shading tattoo ink

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Nocturnal Lining and Shading tattoo ink

Tus negru pentru tatuaje, special pentru contur si umbre free hand

Ambalaj: 30 ml

Producator: Nocturnal SUA

World renowned tattoo artists Franco Vescovi and Jack Rudy have come together to provide an ink line that works like the drawing inks used in the industry with one important thing in mind: this ink is actually made for tattooing. With the same fluidity as those drawing inks, the Nocturnal Tattoo Inks are darker and shade even smoother. Nocturnal Tattoo Ink is organic with only three ingredients: organic pigment, ethyl alcohol, and sterilized water. No harsh chemical solvents are in this ink.

Nocturnal Tattoo Inks will blend with any current projects with other ink brands because the base pigment is the same.


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